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* excludes SMS costs. SMS charged at $0.07 per SMS.


Q&GO are offering a free 30-Day Trial* for vendors. Sign up via the link below to see how Q&GO can transform your business and improve your day to day customer management.

* Excludes SMS costs. SMS charged at $0.07 per SMS. Control your spend with our convenient SMS management tool. Credit/Debit Card required. Monthly billing of $30.00+gst will commence after trial period.

Benefits for Vendors

  • Improve your customer experience by enabling patrons to wait anywhere
  • Less wasted time calling out names means more productive use of time
  • No more potential customers going elsewhere when they see lots of people waiting
  • Better management of social distancing obligations
  • Customers experience shorter perceived wait times
  • Market directly to your customers
  • Can be used as a Self-Check-In Kiosk (Barbers, Hair Salons, Nail Salons etc.)
  • Customers don’t have to download the app to use the system
  • Can be used for every customer or only when needed
  • Simplicity compared to other app, doesn’t take over your business
  • It completely paperless, less environmental impact compared to other ticketing systems